Boyfriend that lies ??


So i been with my bf for 3 yrs , living together for 1 yr and we have a 7 month bby… what i have noticed is that he lies to his family for example on stocks he always says he earned more than what he did or if he goes to the casino he tells his family that he won x amount when he didnt. I have never said anything whenever he talks about that. So, Last week we went out to eat and on a conversation i heard him say “oh yeah WE have gone out to eat at restaurants” which i joined the conversation by saying “no this is the first time we have gone out” blah blah blah and until today he reproached me saying why im always making me look bad by contradicting what hes saying and i told him I swear I thought you said “we” and not that “him” has gone out to eat and he said “it doesnt matter what i say ure supposed to have my back and not contradict what im saying because youre making me look stupid, dumb inront of my family” & all i said back was “well idk i dont lie like that but ok ill just agree w whatever u say, sorry” …. Is this ok or is he overreacting or what?!?!