Has anyone experienced this?


I took test last Saturday, Sunday and Monday morning and there was a faint line and then I took some throughout the week , some faint and some I didn’t see any lines .. and then I took a clear blue and with in 3 minutes a line showed up, I have pcos and have lost almost 50 pounds, I took a modern fertility hormone test and it said my hormones are finally balanced, my last AF was July 21-28 and I ovulated after…. I read that pcos gives false negatives also … im having symptoms too, lower back pain, morning sickness, sore breast , but the test are jumping back and further… is this normal? Or has anyone had this issue before ……… has anyone had a issue with their second line not getting really dark by week 5?

It’s not letting post the photos so I’ll put them in the comments, but if anyone has had these similar experiences please let me know.