Do men tend to lose their sex drive and need motivation in their early thirties or is he using age as an excuse?


My boyfriend and I were bed buddies off and on for 5 years before we were together. Starting when he was 25 til around 29 when I started dating someone else. He wanted me all the time and would get hard as soon as I got in his car or walked in his house. Now we're together he's 32 and even the months leading up to us being exclusive he hasn't been very interested in sex unless I dress up in lingerie and play with him but he has no trouble getting it on to porn and his fleshlight most nights. He says it's due to his aging but I can't help taking it personally. Is it that he wants what he can't have and now that I'm his(plus I've been dealing with weight loss and skin problems due to stress) he doesn't want me as much OR is he telling the truth? Maybe both idk. 32 just seems way too young to lose interest and he's always drooling over other women so it's not like sex isn't on his mind anymore.

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