Midwife vs OBGYN?


Hi Ladies! Newly pregnant for the first time, only 4.5 weeks along. As I consider the route I want to take on prenatal and delivery care, I’m intrigued by the option of midwife vs traditional obgyn. I know as a black woman I have so much a higher likelihood of not being listened to, dying during labor, etc because of unconscious bias, and the idea of a midwife who really listens and takes a more holistic approach is advantageous to me for this reason, but wondering if anyone had good/bad experiences with midwives and what thoughts are?

I have an appointment with both, but just wondering folks experiences. There is a midwife unit in the hospital center near where I live, I would still deliver in a hospital and get all of the routine screening and prenatal medical care along with this midwife practice. Any insight appreciated!