Lactating when not pregnant

Tia 🪴 • Engaged to my soulmate on 30/3/2021 🇬🇧🇩🇪

So my fiancé and I were having sex and he was sucking my boobs, and then when he squeezed them some breast milk came out?? I was leaking for quite a while afterwards. I doubt I’m pregnant as today (24/8) is around the time that I’m due to ovulate; I also have an IUD. What do y’all think??

EDIT - I wanted to point out some very important information which I somehow forgot to mention: my IUD is a copper one. It’s non-hormonal!

I think if I went to the doctors they’d just turn me away because that’s what the healthcare is like here in the UK >:(

I’ve just remembered that, while this “period” came at the predicted time, it may not have been a period as I’d just had my second Pfizer vaccine on the 7th of August and my period came on the 10th. I’ll have to see the doctor, and I’ll be taking a test. I had unprotected sex on the 11th but before that I hadn’t had sex since April (fiancé and I are long distance).