Health Insurance for Newborn

*Please Do Not Belittle Me For Not Knowing*

I am 35 weeks pregnant, and I’m 18 years old. I’m not exactly how insurance works regarding a newborn, however I know within the first month of life newborns have multiple doctors visits.

I have FL state Medicaid. I have an active Plan, my unborn baby has also been approved for Medicaid. But, no plan has been claimed, yet

Do I call the Medicaid office before her birth to establish a Medicaid Plan? Do I need to pick a plan before she’s born, or wait until she’s born? She is already approved for state Medicaid, but she has no Medicaid plan, hence no pediatrician office is registered to her. She has active Medicaid, but no plan and with no plan comes no doctor.

•I’m just not sure who to call/ when to call