Post Pill Ovulation Issues?


So I need some thoughts ladies. I stopped my birth control pills June 1st 2021. Had my four days of pill period. Since then I have not had a period. When my first period was due July 2/3/4 I had the most minuscule amount of spotting so I logged it as a super super faint period because the timing was right. But I have had no spotting or bleeding at all since then. I know it takes a while to get your cycle back after the pill (especially since I took it for 11 years) but I’m wondering how long should I be waiting it out before see my Dr. (one month, five months?)

Has anyone else had to wait this long post pill to get their cycle back?

In an attempt to try and figure out if things are starting to happen in terms of ovulating or not, I’ve been doing OPKs and they have been coming back on the cusp of positive every day for 9 days now. I’m a little concerned about potentially having PCOS (it wouldn’t be a shock if I did)) but I’m trying to see if my issues are “pill withdrawal” or potentially PCOS before I get myself stressed out.

So anyway, anybody have any thoughts or suggestions who has had something similar happen?

If I don’t get my period by the end of September I’m gonna schedule a Doctor appointment either way but I’m getting kinda nervous here 😬

(Forgot to mention. Pregnancy tests are clears negatives)