Motivation 4 Mommies ❤️

lia • boy mom 🥊 Motivation for mommies ❤️


when somebody has done you wrong and try to flip it on you and make it seem like you’re wrong or if they don’t acknowledge what they have done and play victim they are trying to manipulate you so you can ignore what they have done or said . Ladies , we have to be strong and we have to have the kind of mindsets that people can NOT break . This goes for relationships , friendships , etc

I can not tell you enough how many times I have let somebody manipulate me into thinking I’m tripping or doing too much when the entire time I was never wrong . But because I LOVED them I let so much slide but when you do that you making the small things pile up and eventually everything will turn into something big and that’s not what you want , at all . I was standing up for myself and I was letting it be known I will not accept the things they are doing because I know I deserve the upmost respect and love . No matter what I don’t deserve for somebody to not acknowledge how they are making me feel and NEITHER DO YOU 💯 I’m not saying give up on everybody but life is short and if you’re constantly explaining your feelings , concerns and they don’t acknowledge it and try to make it seem like it’s your fault but it’s time to be alone . It’s nothing wrong with leaving or staying to yourself . They both give you a peace a mind and ease your heart , I promise . You’re beautiful, you’re strong and you’re wanted baby ! Don’t let nobody actions or words tell you otherwise ❤️