Michelle • 💙 TTC #2

Hello! Do any of you still have reflux/colic babies??

I have tried everything under the sun. 2 different types of medication. All the home remedies. The only things that I have not tried is cutting out dairy from my diet (Exclusively breastfeeding) and chiropractor…

I’m tired of people telling me that this will pass after 3 months but it hasn’t then oh it’ll pass after 4 months but we’re almost to 5 moths and it hasn’t. Tired of people telling me that I should just stop breastfeeding. He is a great nurser, and he has no trouble gaining weight. He’s a chunk.

We get 2 hour stretches of sleep max at night and he screams bloody murder now so that’s amazing.

I’m going to start cutting dairy out of my diet today, which is so sad. dairy is in so many things. (I was vegan for 3 years and it was not easy)

But just curious how many others have had any success or are still struggling? What were your resources? Any kind advice?