Let’s talk contractions..please!

Alright, this is my third baby. When I had my daughter, I didn’t feel one labor pain. I was 15, my water broke and they hooked me up to an epidural immediately. Moving on to being pregnant with my son, I always got a pain at the top of my stomach, right below my ribs. It’s hard to explain but it’s like a stinging pain, I always said those were Braxton Hicks. When I was close to having my son (I believe I was 36 weeks) I asked a nurse to explain the difference between Braxton Hicks and real contractions, she told me real contractions start at the top of your uterus and squeeze…..and I told her well, I keep having cramping like period cramps and they start in my back and this nurse told me that those aren’t real. But the way she explained real contractions is how my “braxton hicks” feel..get what I’m saying? Shoot forward to when I had my son, all my contractions felt like period cramps and started in my back and they got picked up on the monitors and I was in full blown labor with my son. How could they have braxton hicks like my nurse told me if they were my actual contractions???

Now pregnant with my third child, I have that tightening and stinging pain at the top of my uterus all the time and I just tell myself that they are braxton hicks because they aren’t what I felt when I was in labor with my first son. I just wanna hear your experiences. What did your real and fake contractions feel like??????