Still confused and dont know what to do....

My Hubby likes to go down but not on me?

We had found out i had a bad bacteria and i got the pills and took them till they were gone. Which was a day or so ago. Ive been eating more fruit and pinapple juice. Yogurt ect. I even showered and scrubbed plus freshly shaved earlier that day.

He decided to try again since i had the pills and such. Im hoping he doesnt give up on trying to go down on me. He said there was some change but not a lot. I still smelled a bit, had some stray hairs, and i guess taste was off too? Plus i get way too wet! To the point of i need to seperate myself so he can lick and my fingers slip from all the wetness.

Im not worried about wetness right now. The other things bother me.

Thing is i know ive changed. I know i dont have the same smell as before bit then again im not right up into my lady bits so there could be a lingering smell... and my cm has changed for the better look wise. Idk about taste tho.

I didnt tell him but about an hour before we did it i had some discharge. It was almost grey looking but when smeared on toilet paper it turned into a darker bloody color. Im thinking it might have been the rest of the infection discharge? Idk.

BUT i also had some spotting earlier in the morning not period related. More like implantation or ovulation bleeding. Im thinking maybe he tasted that?

Its frustrating for me because i want to make him happy and well get me some down under action but i feel like im coming up short.