Almost Daily Headaches


Anyone else dealing from almost daily headaches? Food aversions also don’t help on top of it. I drink a lot of water, my high risk dr has me on a bunch of vitamins I started yesterday (calcium, omega 3 fatty acid, folic acid, on top of my iron pills and prenatals. He also has me on low dose aspirin to help prevent preeclampsia since I was on the verge of developing it in my last pregnancy (was induced at 37 weeks due to gestational diabetes and had protein in my urine plus high blood pressure). I also have GD this pregnancy and will most likely start insulin in 2 weeks. I’m only 11w4d pregnant.

If you suffer from headaches, what helps? I’m working 9 hour shifts 5 days a week, thankfully at home. I have a 20 month old and a moody preteen. My husband works full time and I barely get any free time to rest. Thankfully my son stays daycare in September so my days off during the week I can just sleep all day.