What in the hell was that about? Parents?

So my SOs 5 year old had an absolute meltdown man like the craziest I have ever seen her act. She reminded me of the exorcist child and I'm not being dramatic. Deep bellied growls while rolling around in the floor and screaming "I HATE YOU. YOURE A BAD DAD." Just imagine the craziest fit.

He's so weird about me being able to discipline her even though I live with her and I actually agree because I feel like my own step parent shouldn't have been able to discipline me as harshly as he did. She has her mom and dad and me and somethings are just not my place.

But I do think, as the person who's watching her for 6 hours a day that I should be able to do what I did here. Hear me out.

She had her fit and he tried to ignore it for a while HOUR. The whole "don't feed into it" thing wasn't working. She wanted what she wanted and would not stop. He just had a long day at work, and it literally made him cry.

She didn't do this to me all day today, she's so good for me but when her dad walked into that door it was over. He was crying in the bathroom and I went in and I said "let me put her in her room and talk to her." And he said "okay."

So I picked her up and I put her in her room and I told her "I don't know why you are behaving this way, but it's not okay. You can stay in your room and not come out until you can stop screaming at your dad. You're a big girl and you know how to use your words and talk about your feelings and you're showing me that you're choosing this behaviour instead because I KNOW you. me and your dad will be out here." And I shut the door.

Immediate silence, I don't know why she just immediately stopped her fit but she did and then she past out in her bed and woke up happy again like nothing happened. I asked her about it and she told me "I had to go to my room because I was doing the most." WHAT lol

Y'all what in the heck. She was in the floor screaming and I was so confused because I have NEEEVER seen her act that way, and we talk about emotions and feelings and how to handle them IM LITERALLY IN SCHOOL FOR CHILD PSYCHOLOGY but they don't go into why a 5 year old will just randomly burst out into craziness like that out of nowhere. I was thinking maybe this is her way of asking for more attention from her dad, he's working more these days. Maybe that's it?

I think I did okay with disciplining her and not overstepping. If I'm going to be in the household as a parental figure I should be able to do at least the bare minimum to help out and to set the standard for behavior on what is and isn't acceptable especially if I'm gonna have her by myself most days