Used Unisom for the first time last night


So far this morning I wasn’t woken up sick to my stomach, have not throw up (been up for about 4 hours), and I have been able to drink my cold brew coffee for the first time in a week. I actually craved it, it’s been an aversion for me for past week. I’ve eaten plain waffles, a mini chocolate donut and now a Chewy strawberry yogurt bar. So far so good. I am still eating super slow because I’m paranoid it will come up if I eat too fast. I can’t believe I didn’t discover Unisom with my last pregnancy! 🙃

Update 1 hour later: I feel completely normal and like I go back to normal life. I’ve eaten a few pieces of beef jerky and I’m craving some flaming hot chips.

Update: Since about 3pm I’ve felt a slight queasiness. I decided to make myself food before my empty stomach made me nauseous. I was microwaving some Thai food and it both sounded good and gross at the same time. I have only taken a few bites but I am going to eat really slowly.

Last Update: By nighttime I wanted to eat anything and everything. Never threw up, which is a huge deal for me (last pregnancy I threw up everyday until I gave birth). Took Unisom again and slept well (even though my son woke me up a few times). This morning I woke up not sick to my stomach, but a little queasy. I am using my Preggie Pops to see if that helps.