Need help or advice 29 weeks


Since last Wednesday I have been having contractions. Went to the hospital Saturday supposedly had a yeast infection okay treated it they sent me home still contracting. Went to my regular appointment Tuesday and my midwife felt the contractions that I’ve been having during the appointment and sent me up to L&D to be seen. Was there for hours gave me fluids and sent me home contracting still. They wouldn’t do anything more for me since I’m not dilated. They just said I’m 1 on the outside 0 on the inside. Still contracting even today tried to make an appointment with my midwife to figure out why I am still contracting and all they do is tell me to go to L&D the same place that sent me home contracting. At this point idk what to do but I’m tired and my body is tired and in pain. I’m also not dehydrated whatsoever.