"Didnt know I was pregnant"


This isnt my story.. it is my cousin's but we are all shocked. I just had a baby so this is crazy to me. My cousin has been living with my mom for a few months now. She is on the heavier side so no one thought she was pregnant. Turns out she was pregnant. She went into labor last night and no one knew! My mom gave her pain meds and gave her all kinds of homemade stuff.. My mom ended up taking her to the ER because she told my mom that she felt like she was dying. Mu mom couldnt go in with her. My cousin called my mom to tell her she gave birth to a little boy! The crazy thing is that all the women around us that are pregnant or have had babies this year have all had girls! We are just hoping and praying the baby is okay since she didnt have any medical care or even take any vitamins. I cant imagine hiving birth all alone without anyone's support and not having a single thing ready for my baby.. no clothes or diapers or bottles. Luckily, I have bottles and formula And my family is very tight so we can pull together to get her the essentials.