Green discharge at 12w5d

Ladies please no rude or judgy comments. Just looking for anyone who has experienced this and what was the cause? Was baby ok?

I’m currently 12w5d and today have had some chunky green discharge. I had a urine sample done at my OB two weeks ago and all was clear for infections. I have an 11 month old and my spouse and I were treated for chlamydia with that pregnancy (had no symptoms but came back on test). I’m not worried about my spouse cheating etc. We have an amazing honest relationship.

I did leave a message with my OB and waiting for a call back but in the meantime just need a little support, someone to ease my mind and reassure me that getting treated with the very first sign will help baby be ok. I’m just an emotional wreck. I saw baby on ultrasound 3 days ago and didn’t have this then. 😭