Am I a bitter woman? ( please read before voting)

Am I a bitter baby mama? I ask this because I was called that by the father of my child. My four-year-old daughter told me that liz (his girlfriend) hits her when she is bad. Mind you liz has just come in the picture about 4 months ago. I got bad vibes from her but that’s his girlfriend whatever. I brought this up to him and he said “oh well when she’s out of line she must be spanked”. By me discussing this with him he told Liz. Then Liz called my phone from his phone and said if I don’t like it do something about it. Now I want supervised visits and do not want Liz around my child. There has been times where he told me to stop calling him asking him for things for our daughter because Liz does not like it. She thinks I still want him and that’s not the case. My daughter is four, she cannot call her dad and tell him that she needs things. I try not to get into a personal business unless it has anything to do with my child. I never wanna come between my daughter and her father but this female is making things difficult. I feel as though if a child acts out discuss it with them tell him that you were unhappy with their behavior don’t just lash at them it’s unacceptable. Especially if you’re not that child’s mother you never know where that angriness inside of you is coming from. Basically am I bitter?

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