Doctor is refusing to let me have a c section

Nikki • Due 6/20/16
Okay so I was raped a year ago and ended up getting genital herpes because of it. When I first got my positive hsv 2 results they told me when I come around to have a baby that I can choose to do a c section so my baby doesn't get herpes all over his or her body. Well today my ob told me that I'm doing it naturally when it comes to giving birth in 6 months and that he won't do a c section unless he has a reason to. I tried to explain to him that my herpe breakouts mever go away and I want a c section so my child doesn't get what I have. He just kept saying no and that I have to go on the old medication I was on for my herpes. I tried to explain to him it only made my breakouts worse and more painful and how I can't afford $300 medication due to the fact I don't have healthcare and Im not working and he just kept saying I have to take it. And he also is refusing to let me have another ultrasound and I asked if I could get blood taken to find out what I'm having an he said no and they only do that of they need to. Like, what the hell. I am so done with this bullsh*t. In maine its against the law for them to force me to give birth naturally when I have herpes so my parents said if they keep refusing we're going somewhere else and we're suing the womens health care.