Popping/rubberband snapping in stomach?

Katelin • Katelin Long

Okay this is my FOURTH pregnancy!! (This has NEVER HAPPENED IN PREVIOUS PREGNANCIES BUT IS NOW A DAILY OCCURRENCE) All my kids are 2 years apart but this baby is 4 years and some months apart from my youngest.. when I bend/lift/cough/ just random stuff.. I get this DISGUSTING uncomfortable but painless feeling next to my bellybutton. The best description I can give is a muscle slipping, a rubber band popping…? It scares me and makes me feel like I’m gonna throwup… it started around 13 weeks or so ? When I asked my doctor she honestly looked just as shocked and as confused as me and said that MAYBE my intestines were getting caught on something?? Anyone else have this? I’m scared I’ll randomly end up in the hospital for something to do with an internal emergency..