Depression and anxiety


Hi my name is Elizabeth, I have anxiety and depression, when I was younger I was sexual abuse and rape, I was in and out of foster care, the. I was living with my sister and her dad and step mom. I always felt like I didn't belong so I got in trouble got in and out of bad relationships. Then I met my ex husband and he did me wrong.

I now have a wonderful fiancee, that's loves me and takes good care of me.. I just can't get over this depression and anxiety 😞.. I'm not sure what is wrong with me. I'm happy and in love and been with my fiancee for 3 years..

I have talk to people that told me I have ptsd, depression, and anxiety, I never got but on medications because I didn't wanna be.. so now I deal with ptsd, depression, anxiety every day, while I'm taken care of my step son..

I'm not sure 😕just needed to get it out