Fishy situation, what do you think?

All right so I have this friend. She has a two year old and stays at home with him. They’re very very poor (sometimes can not afford food) and they have Medicaid for themselves. About three or four months ago she started telling me her two year old was having a hard time breathing. Like she would run and have to stop and would start to wheeze. I was like, you need to take her in, it sounds like asthma or something. She was like, “okay I called but they don’t have an appointment for her for another month”. I was like... that’s kinda weird... when I call my pediatrician I can almost always get in the same day or at least that week. She said it was because she has Medicaid, but we go to the same practice, we just see different doctors. A few weeks later she said they got an appointment but they didn’t have money for gas to get there so they cancelled. I wasn’t able to drive her because of work. So finally, like literally two months later, she took her. The pediatrician said they have to see a pulmonologist. This was like in July. And my friend still has not made any kind of appointment to see a pulmonologist for her daughter. Yet she constantly texts me how she can’t even take her daughter outside to play without her wheezing and not being able to breathe. Finally last night I asked her “why don’t you just take her to the specialist already?” and she deadass said “it’s a long drive and we don’t have enough money for the trip and don’t think our car could make it.” I got kinda irritated and I was like “but y’all have money to go out to dinner?” because she posted on Facebook her and her husband out on a date night. She didn’t respond. I feel like she’s medically neglecting her daughter. Wwyd in this situation?