Honestly I've been struggling with depression over the last several years. I don't take care of myself as much as I should be. I have struggled to remain functioning some times and I wish to remain financially independent regardless of my husbands money or job,,, its just something that's important to me but at the same time. I am needed at home more right now because he just got a new opportunity as general manager at a restaurant and he's working insane hours which he used to work for this opportunity for a long time so our family needs this which means that I'm at home because we can't afford daycare or babysitter.

I know that's temporary and I do plan on taking steps to get a job and do what I need want with that after some time passes and the kids are older but as for right now I just want to talk about other ways of coming out of the depression.

I've never really been big on the idea of taking depression medication and I wish I had money for therapy because that is something I probably could really use. I also admit that I have not talked to a doctor about it yet because it's just a little scary and I'll just break down in front of the doctor and look crazy

My real question is what are some opportunities or resources that I can utilize to help myself with this problem despite not having money for therapy or wanting to be on depression medication