Mother always takes my husbands side

So I don’t vent to my family about serious issues in my marriage, but anytime I seek my mothers advice about something in my marriage, she takes my husbands side and makes me feel like the bad guy. No matter what it is. I work full time from home with set hours and 8 hour days and I was talking to her about stuff that needs to be done around the house because my husband mentioned he likes to come home to everything pretty much being done. I’ve expressed on busy days I cannot clean, I have to work. And my mom totally takes his side and says that oh he works full time at a real job and wants to come home to dinner made and a clean house, you’re home all day just take care of it. Like I work from home in software development, I’m not sitting here all day doing nothing. Idk that’s just an example, I’ve tried to talk to her about this but it seems like it’s not just my husband, it’s everyone anytime I try to talk to her about something, she always takes the other persons side. Help?