Boy Names, The Sequel


I thought picking a boy name for our first son was hard, and now we have to find another. 😩

I am super, super picky. Our first boy we actually agreed fairly quickly, when we found the right one. We went with Bennett Lee. Lee is my husband and FIL’s middle name. I think it’s a pretty bland, generic name, but whatever, my husband insisted. 🙄

I had a runner-up boy name that I couldn’t convince my husband on, but he told me when our first was born that I could name our next boy that. I really like the name Jonas, and since we gave tribute to my FIL by using his middle name, we had agreed that the next baby could have my dad’s middle name, Allen. So I’ve got my heart set on Jonas Allen, though we could find a different middle name too, I guess.

I think Bennett & Jonas sound nice individually and together. My husband says Jonas just reminds him of the Jonas Brothers 🙄 But he can’t come up with another name that I like better.

We also like Graham, but I would prefer two (or more) syllable names. I don’t want a name that starts with L, as our last name begins and ends with L, and that’s just too many L’s, in my opinion.

So thus far we have

Older brother:

• Bennett Lee

Baby brother options:

• Jonas Allen

• Graham Allen

What are some other names I can suggest to my husband? I am struggling.