Braxton hicks!


So I woke up to! I want to cry out of frustration! Dr. Checked me I was 60% thin and closed but earlier tonight around 9:30 I think I was trying to #2 and I had a gush of pee..i didn't have to pee and all of a sudden I was so I think it was pee but I keep asking what if it was my water that broke from me trying to push bc he's so low...ive had 2 kids both my water had to be broken so I dont know the feeling. But now I'm cramping a bit what I'm mad about is my in laws were just here and including my husband they all saying oh well your not gonna go into labor till your dr sweeps you on in laws live 2 hrs away and I tried to get my mother in law to stay till Thursday but nope the plan is to wait and husband is gonna go get her on Wed. Husband works nights so of course im home alone with my 2 so pissed I want to cry bc I don't want to waist another visit to L&D and for inlaw to come down again for nothing...I could just cry right now.