What would you do?

I live in an apartment and as much as I try to keep it under control, my dogs sometimes bark too much. Luckily, my neighbors haven't said anything or reported us, but I feel like they probably secretly hate us.

I want to do something nice for them, especially with the holidays coming up. I have been doing decorated sugar cookies for a few months now and thought about making them some cookies. They would be in a box, with a sticker sealing it shut, and an ingredient list (in case of allergies).

I don't know any of my neighbors and have never talked to them, just the occasional awkward smile as we pass on the stairs. I thought about just annonomously leaving the box in front of their door. Or I could put our apartment number on it. I don't know.

If you randomly got a box of cookies on your doorstep, would you eat them, or just toss them? Would it make a difference if it had my apartment number on it?

Since we are on the 3rd floor, and the way our building is set up, the only people who would be disturbed by the barking is the people on our floor and the people directly below us. If I do this, should I just do it for everyone on my floor and the apartment below me (4 apartments total) or my entire half of the building (3 floors, 11 apartments total, not including mine).

I get leaving them anonymously would kind of defeat the purpose of them kind of being appology cookies, since they wouldn't know they were from the people with the dogs. But I would also feel a little weird putting my apartment on them, since I don't know any of them. It might come off as a little weird. And I would feel weird if they came to my apartment to thank me or anything.

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