Just need some mommy advice😔

When I was in my 3rd trimester my husband was pregnant watching tons of porn. Then I noticed he was on someone’s onlyfans … THEN I noticed he was liking revealing pictures of women.

I confronted him very gently and told him how it made me feel. That I wanted him to block those women and to not watch porn.

Well fast forward to two days ago. Not only did he NOT unfollow and block this girls page but he started following her stripper page too. Then I noticed MORE women on his Instagram and he was ONLY liking their revealing pictures. It was typically skinny redheads with their butts out. (Mostly in thong bathing suits)

YET AGAIN I gently confronted him. He said it’s my fault because I don’t sexually satisfy him. He said when we don’t have sex often he starts watching porn and searching for revealing pictures.

We have been having sex WEEKLY and I’ve even sent him videos and pictures to help him when I just am to sleepy to do anything else. But he says when I don’t put out is when he does this??? But the girls posts date back to a week ago… which was the night we had sex?? Like okay, you can think I’m stupid and naive but I see right past your lies.

I told him how insensitive it was and that it’s really hurting me when he does this. He says he can unfollow those women but doesn’t know if he can stop watching porn.

Not only do I feel likes he has cheated on me but the next morning he woke up and acted like he did nothing wrong … he even tried feeling me up.

You can say I’m mentally checked out and I’m just over this bs. I told him to never do this to me again. And it has happened YET AGAIN.

Just needed to let that out….