When to Announce Pregnancy

Hey Everyone! I need some advise here. I just found out I'm pregnant! It will be the first grandchild on both sides. I'm really struggling with when to announce. I would really like to announce to my family when everyone is together. My husband's family lives out of town so we will travel after telling my family to tell them in person.

I don't feel ready to tell my family next week at Thanksgiving.

The next event is my brother's 16th birthday. Him and I have always been very close, and I know he's excited to be an uncle. I thought it would be cute to give him an uncle card with an ultrasound picture in it. But it's a milestone birthday, and I don't want to take 1 second of attention from his day.

Then after that is Christmas, but I worry that is too far off. And we wouldn't be able to see my husbands family for at least 2 weeks after that.

What does everyone think? Is it cute to "gift" my brother that he'll be an uncle? Or is that tacky and rude? Thanks!