Considering the whole relationship with my bf 💥HELP PLEASE💥


Hi everyone, I need some help. It will be long so I apologize in advance 😅.

I have been with my boyfriend for two years, we met while studying in another country (Erasmus) and we decided to continue together on the way back, although we each live in different cities (we are from Spain and our cities are 4 hours away). While we were studying we lived together and we got along very well, we understood each other greatly (also I started having anxiety and depression and he was always by my side and help me so much ), so when we returned we agreed that as soon as we could we would live together. That has changed now. This year has been quite hard, the restrictions due to the covid has allow us to see each other only a few times (reaching up to 5 months without seeing each other). That has made me think about the whole relationship lately. The idea of ​going to live to his city no longer attracts me, I don't like it, it's too big, there are too many people. He already has his job and is living in a new house with his sister, so if I went to live with him I would also be at home with her and her boyfriend ... I don't like the idea at all. I feel like everyone expects me to move in and change my whole life to be with him, and that scares and overwhelms me a lot. Besides that, several times I have thought that we do not have much sexual chemistry ... I have been thinking about it since last year but I blamed being separated and not being able to have intimacy, but now that we meet more often I feel the same ... sex isn’t bad, he makes me climax and I enjoy it but it's like I'm missing something, connection. I already talked to him and we started to tell each other the things we would like to do, he tries but I feel like it's a bit forced 😔. As if that were not enough, I met a boy with whom I get along great, we talked about everything and I feel a connection that I missed so much , I know that this happens always when you meet someone (the honeymoon phase) but the The fact that I look at another boy and want to know about him has turned my whole head upside down and has been the boost I needed to consider the whole relationship with my boyfriend. I do not know what to do, I know that if I break up with my boyfriend I will regret it because he is a boy who takes care of me like no one else and we have a very beautiful relationship, but my head does nothing but think about the passion that we lack and that the other boy could give me ... I do not know if anyone has been in this situation, I appreciate the advice to know what to do. Thank you very much 💕