Shamed for eating an icecream

My husband and I go to workout classes 4-5 times a week. Today I wasn’t feeling very well and feel some chills and very sore throat and I can’t talk like I normally do. Anyway, since I was feeling sick he took me out for soup and after we went to the supermarket to grab popsicles. I sneaked in some Oreo ones because I’m on my period and was really craving it. I’m eating one in the car and he lectured me on how I did not do an intense workout like he did and should not be eating it since it wasn’t earned. He Said all girls should be skinny and I took a big offense to that. I am in very good shape and don’t know why I need to be told this while enjoying myself? It’s one thing to say hey babe maybe you shouldn’t have that rather than talking to me that way. I got very upset and told him he doesn’t know how to differentiate emotional intelligence and that he should just stop talking. It hurt my feelings because I’m on my period and just wanted a treat while I don’t even have often. On top of that, he throws in my face how he’s taking care of me and that he took me for soup and popsicles. It’s a nice gesture but don’t be throwing it in my face and making me feel bad about myself when I do something that you don’t “approve”.