New bbt temptress. :) Quick question?

Clarissa • .
My temp has been dropping and picking back up slowly...but today it went down to 96.8 which is where I started at around 5 dpo when I started temping. I know its used for ovulation, but I was just doing it to see if I could spot an implantation dip or AF. I have no signs of AF whatsoever right now...but it went down to 96.8. Do any of you ladies think I'm still in? Or I should just await AF? I didn't go below 96.8...but idk! I'm extremely irregular. So idk. I didnt even test after I got the 96.8 on the therm today. I'd be about 14dpo today. I did the poll to make it easier for you guys, but comments are surely welcome. :)

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