Piper • MMC twins 8 weeks (2008)—stillbirth 33 weeks (Addie 12.3.2012)—MMC 10 weeks (Avery 2014)—rainbow (Charlie 11.29.2014)—stillbirth 33 weeks (Viola 5.19.2018)

Hi mommas, my name is Piper.

My husband and I are currently 29 weeks pregnant with a little boy.

We are high risk because of reoccurring loss. I delivered our stillborn daughter Addie at 33 weeks in December of 2012. And a few short months after laying her to rest we lost our sencond daughter Avery fairly early on. We will never truly know what took Addie from us, because we opted not to have an autopsy done. They did minor testing on Avery and found absolutely nothing wrong.

So after all of our testing and multiple bouts of blood work that led to no signs of chromosomal abnormalities, they are assuming I have a blood clotting disorder. As of right now I am on low dose asprin, progesterone, amd Lovenox. Here in a couple of weeks I switch to heprin. My stomach is always bruised from these darn shots...but I will do anything, anything in the world to finally deliver our first surviving child. Our rainbow. I can't wait to hear that first breath...that first cry.