I want my baby to be born on her 40th week

I'm getting signs that she might get out earlier.
My doc did a membrane sweep and didn't explain to me the pain and discomfort.
I was dilated 1.5 cm 
All she said was, "do you need any help?"
Did it and omg the horror ! I moved back as she was doing it. Now I'm 2.5 (from last appointment Wednesday)
Mucus plug / bloody show 
Light faint lower back pain
She's stretching and pressing against my cervix 
My due date is 12/27
So I'm sitting and laying in bed so I'm not as activ and taking it easy.
Someone made a bet and said watch your baby be born on Xmas because the moon is out ...
Idk about that now. But I am taking it easy. I want my baby to be 100% well "cooked" in there =)