Shaken up..

This isn't pregnancy related, I just REALLY need to vent right now. My boyfriend and I went to his company Christmas party tonight, which was great. It was at a pretty nice hotel, which we get to stay the night at for free. So, I went to use the restroom right outside of the room we were in, and on the way back had a man say "excuse me ma'am, looks like you have something hanging from your dress" so, being 30w pregnant and having just come out of the bathroom, I looked down, and the creep lifted up my dress! Like what the actual fuck!? The police were called, a report was made, they're triple checking all the cameras to see if there's anyone matching his description since the cameras weren't facing where it happened, but that doesn't make it any better. I'm disgusted. Excuse my language, but that sick mother fucker better get what's coming to him. I hope I see him again JUST so I can call the cops and they can arrest his sorry ass. I'm just glad that my boyfriends boss is being so hard on them about catching this guy, and that the cops who came were so nice. But I'm still shaking, mostly from anger. I just can't believe the nerve of some people. Sick psycho.