Safe zone?

Catrina • 25. Married to my other half. 5-15-15. 1 angel baby named River. Daughter named Remington. Son named Journey.
I wish I didn't have to live in a world that I knew babies don't survive. I never thought my first pregnancy would end how it did... 
Seeing all these pregnant women saying they can't wait to get to the "safe" zone kinda makes me a little bitter. I want to let them know I lost my son at 20 weeks so for me there is no safe zone. I thought I was good after 12 weeks... But halfway through he went to heaven. 
I won't burst their bubble. It's not my place. I just wish I wasn't in the position I am. I will never get to enjoy a pregnancy or have a pregnancy with no worry. I don't get that opportunity anymore. 
Sometimes it just sucks so bad to be a part of this miscarriage/still birth club that I didn't want to be a part of and I can't leave 😢