26 days late - sorry it's long

Haylee • 15😏👍🏻
Hey guys, so I'm 26 days late. I was about 4-5 days late for my period but I think my period was late because I took the morning after pill about 3 times that month and then I started taking the pill after them 4-5 days ( don't know why I choose to start it then) lately I've been having very sore boobs and feeling very dizzy and also so emotional and getting angry easier. The past couple of days I've been feeling very sick in the mornings and my boobs are still so sore & swollen, been having spotting and bleeding & today I threw up about 3 times when I woke up & I've been having a tiny bit of bleeding again and very bad cramps and stuff. Anyone know what's going on?????? 
Oh and me and my boyfriend have been having unprotected sex like 3 times a day pretty much since day 7 of me taking he pill.😕