This has nothing to do with my period, but it was so freaky!

My mom is a sleep tech, so she was the first person I called when this happened. So, my fiancé leaves every morning around 4:30 to go to work. It usually take me another hour to fall back asleep. Anyways, I fell asleep, and started to dream. My dream was weird as hell, the usual for me. Bobby(fiancé) and I were performing with a group of ballroom dancers, and I was running late to the show. I was running, but i still wasn't getting anywhere. Kind of like slow motion. So I finally get to the auditorium. Then, in my dream, I woke up in my bed alone. I went to the bathroom, and was looking in the mirror and saw a women kneeling outside the door through the mirror. I tried to hit her but it wasn't working. I knew I my was all a dream, but I couldn't wake up in real life. So I tried splashing my face with cold water, but in my dream I couldn't feel it. I could see my face and hair was wet, but couldn't scream, or do anything to come out of the dream. My arms felt tingly and it was like I was shaking. I finally snapped out of it and really woke up. Called my mom, and she said "oh that's called sleep paralysis, it's totally normal." What the hell makes that normal. No offense to anyone that has it frequently, but that shit scared the hell out of me. My heart is still pounding. Any other stories?