I Hate that I Feel Everything! TMI

Nikki • Stage IV Endometriosis Fighter. Daughter was born on New Year’s eve Pregnant with baby #2
Prior to becoming pregnant, I had stage 4 endometriosis. I also have the blessing of being able to FEEL EVERYTHING! I could literally tell you if I was growing a cyst. It's a curse for me & being 37weeks 5days pregnant I feel like it's even more of a curse. 
Every little ache and pain down there I feel. I have intense gas pain/poop pain, I can feel the poop moving through me. I always had bad IBS from constipation to very loose stool. I've been constipated throughout my pregnancy especially being on extra iron. I know im getting close to her being here since my stool is becoming a little loose, or it could also be because I've added extra fiber in my diet along with taking colace 2x daily (that's how my doctor recommended I take it but I only usually remember it once daily) 
I really want her to hold out until January her due date even though I know she'll come when she wants. Just two more weeks I ask for, I'm hoping this loose stool is just from the extra intake of water fiber & oatmeal. Sorry for the long rant.