Do you consider this Witchcraft?

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-- I've been doing studies in herbal medicine and I LOVE it. I can't get enough <3 I have only really thought of it as something that's fun and useful, but the other day I was talking with my teacher about it and he said that being a Hedge Witch was a great path, especially since I seem to have such a passion for it. 
-- The thought of being a Hedge Witch (also known as a Green Witch) never crossed my mind. I mean I know that back in the old times, the Witch of the village was a healer who used herbs from his/her garden and the surrounding area to help those in his/her village and that this person was commonly known as a Hedge Witch. 
-- I guess what I'm confused on is like . . . There are doctors who focus on herbal medicine and that's their profession. I wouldn't consider them Green Witches just because of that. So if I chose to only practice the medicinal side of herbalism without bringing pagan traditions in to it (such as burning certain herbs on Samhain or harvesting herbs at specific moon phases or using them in rituals), do you think I'd still be considered a Hedge Witch just because I also happen to be pagan?? 
-- I'm not against it at all - I'm mostly just trying to get a grasp on what it means specifically and would like to know everyone's take on it.