28 weeks leaking?

Today at work I felt wet and went to the bathroom only to find a medium sized wet spot in my undies.

This has happened before in my first pregnancy but at 36 weeks which ended up being ruptured membranes, even tho every swab they did to test for amniotic fluid came back negative. (I kept getting sent home then finally last minute they went ahead and let me have baby at 36 weeks, because clearly I was leaking)

Anyways I did go to l&d today and of course all looked fine. Test was negative for fluids.

I’m only 28 weeks. This mama is super nervous because I have a hx of preterm labor but around 34-36 weeks. Not 28!!!!

My job is fast paced and I stand all shift. Prayers please as I try to continue to work to take care Of last minute things .