I'm ready to have my baby 🤦🏾‍♀️


Ugh hope this doesn't make me look bad but I so can't wait to to have my baby. I've been having contractions since Wednesday I didn't go to labor and delivery because I had a doctor appointment for NST and sonogram on Thursday morning . The doctor seen the contractions on the NST and told me that they were further apart to wait till they get closer together to go to labor and delivery. Friday morning I finally go to labor and delivery my contractions are 3-5 mins apart and I actively progressed all the way to 4cm dilated. Then everything slowed down the contractions went further apart to every 10 mins and I stoped dilating the hospital wouldn't give me anything to help out with the labor regardless how far i've gotten because i'm only 36 weeks and induction is set june 23. But this is painful and my body feel so tired. I'm just ready to have my little man.