Tummy time arm use


My baby is 5 months old. 23 weeks to be exact. She hates tummy time as much as the next baby but I cannot for the life of me get her to use her arms at all. I know she won’t be pushing up right away but I can’t even get her to put weight on her elbows in front of her so she can look up better. I’ve used the little tummy time pillow and I put her arms in front of her and she slowly wiggles them back to her sides. She won’t push against me with her arms while holding her either. She also hasn’t rolled at all yet.

Anyways I’m looking for tips I guess to help her. She’s my 4th and my 3rd baby had gross motor and speech delays. I just don’t want to set her up for failure and make sure I’m doing all I can. I’ll be bringing it up at her 6 month check up later this month.