Is it weird or unreasonable to stick with outdoor visits only?


Everything I’ve read says it’s really bad if a newborn baby (0-2 months) gets sick, because they need to go to the hospital for a full work up because there are so many reasons they could have a fever. For this reason, I decided to stick with outdoor visits only in the first two months (except for my mom and MIL who I will probably need to come help me cook/clean/etc). It’ll be nice out during those months, I have a big backyard and a bbq, and we can take a walk around the neighborhood. I told this to my family this, and they said it’s ‘unusual’ but that they’ll figure out how to deal with it. They seem really off put by it and I think they’re going to confront me about it soon. My family members work in hospitals and schools, and some will need to fly across the country to visit, so they’ll be bringing a lot of germs.

I’m also extra cautious because twice during my pregnancy, my family has come over ‘feeling fine’ just to come down with symptoms and test positive for Covid literally the next day. So I’m not comfortable with the logic of them coming if they feel fine.

Is this really that unusual? I’m not sure what they are wanting to do inside my house in those first 2 months that they can’t do outside. I don’t even have air conditioning so it’s not like it’s to escape the heat. It’s only 2 months! Am I being unreasonable?