Day 31. AF or BFP..... Who will it be!?!

My husband and I have been wanting to start trying for #2 for a while now but until last month my cycle had still not returned from my previous pregnancy. Finally Feb 5th it came back (and with a vengeance I might add! It lasted almost a week!). Before my last baby I was on birth control so I have no idea how long my normal cycles are. I have been recording my CM in hopes that that would give me some insight as to when I ovulate. I recorded watery/stretchy CM around Feb 16-22 (CD 11-18)and I have been getting it on and off since then. Feb 21st (CD 16) I had some spotting for only a few hours then nothing. I speculated that maybe this was ovulation bleeding as it happened around the time of fertile CM. Anyways, I then noticed a tiny bit of brownish CM March 4th. The optimist on me screamed implantation bleeding!? After all… I'm convincing myself that I have tingly breasts and nausea. Lol well It's now CD 31 and I've taken HPTs all week and nothin but BFNs (Except for a cheapie I took a couple days ago that have me a convincing evap!) sigh. Why must the female body be so confusing? Anybody else have confusing CM or mid cycle bleeding? Anybody else anxiously awaiting a BFP or AF to show?