Fertile Window- No EWCM

So I've noticed that for the past 2/3 months, that I'm not getting any EWCM. Usually it's quite noticeable, but ever since I started using Glow, it notice that during the time they say my fertile window is, there is no EWCM.
​Idk what changes I might have made, can't think of any besides not drinking as much water. Just wondering how to absence of EWCM may affect conception??? I am on day 3 of my fertile window, and we have been BDing consistently, but I don't want the lack of EWCM to negatively affect us ttc. As we all are looking to get that bfp! So I'm just looking for some feedback, is EWCM a MUST to get pg. have any of you gotten pg without it? Ecttt...