I'm afraid >_<

Meg • 19 and in a relationship ☆
So my boyfriend and I have been together almost a year now ( although we broke up for a short time this passed may) and he's been very patient with me as I'm still a virgin and he's not which makes me feel very lucky as that's uncommon in highschool now ( patient boys ) anyways, lately he's been rather distant and a lot of it surrounds communication. We're both very bad about talking about what's on our mins or what's bothering us and it's making things relatively complicated now as it turns out he's asking similar questions about where we stand (how I feel about him, etc) as neither of us have said those three special words that can make or break relationships. I haven't said it because although I felt it for a long time, I wanted to be certain my feelings were real as it's highschool and people say it before knowing if they actually mean it. Over this passed year, my feelings for him have only gotten stronger, so I know that when isay it I'll mean it, and I really want to say it, but I have no idea how he feels. He's like a mystery, I have no clue what he's thinking and I know that if We're seriously going to fix this communication problem, I have to tell him..... But  afraid of how he may react. I don't want him to feel obligated to say it before he's ready and I don't want to back him into a corner... I don't know what to do :(
​(I'm sorry this is so long!! I had a lot to say >~< )