"I'm not happy anymore.."

žœ • expecting our rainbow baby april 2nd '15 ?
What would you do if your husband said that? 
​Later on once his mom said something about it, he confronted me and said "I didn't mean that, I just don't feel like I have your support with a lot of things.." 
​Personally, I don't think you would say "I'm not happy anymore" and not mean it, that's kinda a big deal in a marriage.. 
​So is this whole thing my fault for not making him feel supported? It's only over college and the new vehicle we now pay a damn pretty penny for.. I just have to look at life like the glass is half full, and half empty  because if someone in our relationship didn't, he would live his life based on a dream, not reality. 
​But then I become the bad guy for that...? 
​To add on, he's been trying to do a lot of things without me.. That may not seem like a big deal, but it's the things we always do together. Groceries, errands, haircuts..  
​I'm just confused. 
​Any thoughts would be appreciated :)