In your 30s and TTC

Mvs01 • #1 is due 31 July 👶🍼☺️
Hi there, I've just turned 34 and TTC #1 going on 10 months. I am getting so worried that there may be something wrong with me as everyday I read in the media about fertility issues (today I read that it may be from 30 and not 35 that your fertility declines (DailyMail)). 
​I've had initial blood tests that show nothing is wrong, however, in order to get next level of tests done, my OH need to have a sperm analysis done (which he seems to be reluctant to do - he says there is nothing wrong with him!).
​Is anyone else in their 30s TTC? Any success stories? My OH tells me to calm down and that it takes most healthy couples 12 months to conceive but I can't help but feel sad every month that AF arrives. 
Baby dust to all ✨✨xx