Anybody know anything about mirena?

Lauren • Had mirena removed 23/06/2013 still ttc
Had mirena removed June 23rd of this year ovulated In July then got my period 1st august,I only had it in 5 months and didn't have a period whilst I had it,before the coil my cycles were 34 days every month since removal one was 38 days another 32 days then 35 so abit yoyo but all in the same week. Just worrying myself that it's affected my fertility as I'm on my 5th month trying af due next week and if it comes I'll then be on my 6th month daughter I conceived in a month (unplanned) then had a mc which took 3/4 months ttc. So both times I've been pregnant I conceived quickly and now if this month wasn't my month it'll be my 6 month ttc so just needing anyone's advice or help or success stories as I'm starting to worry